Are you or a loved one taking Coumadin or warfarin?

Are you or a loved one taking Coumadin or warfarin?

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Do you have Medicare or any other type of Insurance?

Advanced Cardio Services (ACS) can help save you time, money, along with keeping your INR within your safe therapeutic range more often. ACS provides people on Coumadin and warfarin with the ability to easily test their INR at home on a weekly basis. We supply our patients with top of the line INR testing equipment that is found in most cardiology offices and anticoagulation clinics.

One of the meters we currently provide is the ROCHE made CoaguChek XS System. This meter takes the smallest blood sample of any INR meter and has a 97% accuracy rate when compared to a traditional lab test. With no external control solutions or calibration needed it is no wonder this meter is a popular choice among patients and physicians alike.

All patients will receive a FDA required face-to-face training with one of our certified nurse trainers on how to use the meter and report their INR test results. Test results are instantaneously transmitted to your physician or clinic and can be easily reported via our automated phone system or through our website.

We take care of verifying your insurance coverage, obtaining a prescription from your physician, and always make sure that you have plenty of supplies so that you can test your INR on time. If you are ever having trouble with testing you can rest assure that a friendly voice will be happy to help walk you through a test.

Never waste half of your day in a waiting room for an INR test again!
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Start Testing Your INR at Home
Start Testing Your INR at Home