(For all other errors refer to pages 37-44 in the CoaguChek XS System User Manual)

The most common solution to any error is to remove the test strip, If blood has been applied, do not re-use. Power off the meter, re-insert the unused test strip to turn the meter back on and start the 30 Second warm up cycle over again.

Error “5” – Error applying blood.

Issue: There was not enough blood applied to the test strip, it was not applied all at once, or the blood ran down the finger and did not get on top of the clear section of the test strip.

Solution: Power off the meter and remove the test strip. Repeat the test using a new test strip and blood taken from a new finger stick from a different finger. This happens frequently to new testers and there is a small learning curve, but you will get the hang of it soon. Remember, technique is everything. Call ACS or watch the demo video for help with your INR testing technique.

Error “6” – Test Strip was touched or removed during the test.

Issue: This often occurs if a patient continues to apply blood after the meter has beeped and the countdown numbers have disappeared. When the meter beeps it is informing you that it has enough blood and is about to perform an INR test. The meter needs to accurately detect when a small blood clot forms. Thus, if you are still pushing on the strip and moving it around you are impeding the test and the meter will give you an Error “6” instead of an inaccurate INR result.

Solution: Power off the meter and remove the used test strip. Repeat the test using a new test strip and blood taken from a new finger. Be sure not to touch or remove the test strip after the meter beeps, meaning a test is in progress.

Error “4” – Test Strip is unusable.

Issue: Blood may have been applied before the 180 second countdown began. This is another reason we encourage patients not to poke the finger until the countdown starts. A less common reason you may receive an error “4” is if the test strip is unusable due to a damaged test strip or manufacturer error.

Solution: If no blood has been applied. Remove the test strip, power meter off, and re-insert the test strip. If the error message reappears, discard the unusable test strip power off the meter, and insert a new test strip and start over again. Do not apply blood until the 180 second countdown begins! If an error occurs again, call Roche Technical Service at 1-800-428-4674 for assistance.

Error 3 – Test Strip is expired.

Issue: All test strips provided have over a year shelf life and you will not ever receive expired test strips. The reason for this error is that the date on the Meter was accidentally changed to a past date which causes the test strips to be read as expired.

Solution: Look at top right corner of screen to verify the date is correct. If the date is not correct reference page 11 of the User Manual for instructions on how to correctly reset your date and time. You can also call Roche Technical Service at 1-800-428-4674, or ACS 1-800-769-8177 for assistance in resetting the date and time. If the date and time is correct, look at the bottle of test strips in the area below where the code is to check the expiration date. If test strips are expired call Roche 1-800-428-4674 for replacement strips.

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Start Testing Your INR at Home