New ACS Patient Education Resource Center and Blog Posts

New ACS Patient Education Resource Center and Blog Posts

  • 11 Aug 0

ACS is offering more to patients than just the convenience of Home INR testing and monitoring! Our goal is to educate patients about health conditions they may have, drugs they take, risk factors, prevention, and management of conditions and diseases. 

ACS Blog Posts

Check out our blog posts written by Christine Hartig, PharmD and anticoagulation expert! Christine worked at UC San Diego as a clinical pharmacist in the Anticoagulation Clinic for 13 years. She was in charge of direct patient care and management in the anticoagulation clinic; Research and development of comprehensive educational website targeting both patients and providers; along with being a Pharmacy student and resident preceptor.

Christines most recent blog articles include:

Where did warfarin come from?
Possible Side Effects of Warfarin
Drug Interactions with warfarin and Coumadin
Over The Counter (OTC) and Herbal Medicine Interactions with Warfarin
What is the INR?
What you need to know about Vitamin K
What is warfarin and how do I take it?
Warfarin Tablet Identification

Patient Education Center

Check out our Patient Education Resource section! There you can find published PDF articles on anticoagulation therapy, links to support sites, and articles on Health Conditions written by Bianca F. Marcolino, PhD. Bianca has her PhD in Biological Sciences from UCLA and has been a long time Medical writer. 

Biancas most recent Health Condition articles include:

More on the Heart and Mechanical Valves
Gastrointestinal Bleeding (GI Bleed)
All about Strokes
HyperCoaguable States: Factor V Leiden

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