CougaChek XS INR test meter system

INR Meters

The new CoaguChek XS system for PST uses exclusive smart technology to give you fast, accurate results from a simple fingerstick test – a convenient, more comfortable way of testing that patients on Coumadin®/ warfarin therapy say…

CoaguChek PT Test

INR Test Strips

The CoaguChek XS PT test strips work with the CoaguChek XS system to test coagulation levels. The strips require a minute blood sample and the strips allow dosing from either side for quick and simple application process. Results are ready in approximately one minute. A code chip is included in every box of CoaguChek XS PT test…

surgilance safety lancet kit

INR Lancets

The Pressure Activated SurgiLance Safety Lancets are the most pain-free and efficient device for blood collection on the market and are perfect for use with our PT/INR testing…

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Start Testing Your INR at Home
Start Testing Your INR at Home