Changes in your Warfarin Dosage when your INR is not right, how do you feel about it?

DiscussionsCategory: INRChanges in your Warfarin Dosage when your INR is not right, how do you feel about it?
Guest Staff asked 2 years ago

I am not 100% confident that my healthcare professional knows what they are talking about when they indicate that I should change my dosage. My INR seems to be in the correct range and my weight has not fluctuated. I was curious to know how many people feel the same way about this?

UPDATE: I just found a great post about the same topic here

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Guest Staff answered 2 years ago

My PCP was interpreting my INR when I went in for a monthly INR check to his office and every time I got it checked it was different and he would change my coumadin regiment. I started to get pretty worried because I had a good friend that bleed to death because his INR was 7.5. I recently found a good cardiologist and he got me set up with home INR testing so that I could test my INR from home or when I go hunting for a few weeks. Because of the weekly testing we have got my INR under control, it still goes up and down some times but my cardiologist calls me right away and tells me how much coumadin to take to get right back in range. I really like knowing that if I am actually in range or not every week instead of waiting a whole month to find out that if I had fallen I probably would have wound up in the hospital because my INR was 5.6 and I didn’t know it. Today now my INR is 2.7 and I am feeling good about that.

So I guess to answer the question, find a new doctor that really knows what they are doing. Coumadin isn’t something you want to mess around with.

Start Testing Your INR at Home
Start Testing Your INR at Home