The Health Benefits of Using the INR Meter

The Health Benefits of Using the INR Meter

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The Health Benefits of Using the INR Meter

The rise of the INR meter for modern patients controlling their anticoagulant levels owes to the fact that the technology promotes self-use. This means that the individual does not have to make expensive trips to their medical facilities each time, for he or she can perform the tests at home using a screen that records the clotting degree of the blood. Depending on the rate that the monitor displays, the patient can consult a physician on the best medication to use or learn if the rate is normal and thus requires no further action.

The Convenience of Use

Normally, a person can use an INR meter to tell if his or her blood rate is below the median level of 3. The technology is usually not complicated, which makes it accessible to even the least tech savvy of patients. Its convenience lies in the following points:

It is quick, in that it brings up the outcome in about 60 seconds after the initial test. After pricking the finger for testing a pint of blood, the patient can immediately see the outcome in large numerals on the high-definition screen. The accuracy of the INR meter is part of its warranty, in that it does not require further maintenance. One can refer back to previous data that the equipment records including that of the past 60 tests.

Health Benefits of This Technology

There are various medical advantages of using the INR meter, including the fact that it reduces the effect of various diseases that affect blood formation and flow within the veins, including liver disorders.

Other benefits include knowing the rate of blood clotting, which can be normal or aggravated, can help one to perform self-medication at home using specific drugs as one’s physician prescribes. The monitoring also reduces the extent of adverse internal clots and bleeding that can reduce the iron levels in the body. It also has a general improvement on the health of the user, including the ability to diagnose problems personally. Owing to these additional benefits, the technology also brings longevity to the lives of the users.

Thus, the use of an INR meter has the great effect of reducing the formation of clots and decreasing the level of internal bleeding because individuals can regularly check the rates of these disorders and treat them. The convenience of using the technology lies in the fact that it uses a monitor that one can use at home through the agency of durable batteries. It also reduces the need of paying costly visits to medical facilities that offer similar facilitation.

PT/INR Machines at Home

More people are starting to see the benefits of using a PT INR Machine to self test at home. Monitoring and testing in this way has many plus sides; it is fast, convenient, and reliable. Tests can be carried out at home rather than having to visit a clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office, while ensuring health and saving time. Another considerable benefit for patients is that they can perform the test anywhere – they can check their blood at work, while visiting friends and family, while on vacation, and any other situation as long as they carry their PT INR Machine.

Regular blood testing, called a prothrombin time test (often shortened to PT), is essential for patients who are taking the anticoagulant medication warfarin. The test displays the International Normalized Ration result, often abbreviated to INR. If the INR is too low there is a high risk of blood clotting, and if it is too high there is a risk of bleeding.

Additional ways to be tested include laboratory blood tests whereby a doctor or nurse sends a sample to a lab to be tested. Results can take anywhere between a couple of hours to a couple of days to receive. Healthcare professionals may also perform a finger prick test for an almost instant result, whereby a small sample is used in conjunction with what is called a POC device (Point of Care).

When testing at home using a PT INR Machine, patients can easily inform their doctor of the results. Some patients choose to do so by telephone, others use the internet. The healthcare professional can consequently use the test results to decide the correct dosage of warfarin and advise the patient accordingly. Building from this, patients can also be taught how to adjust their own warfarin levels based on their blood test results, making life even easier for the patient. It also gives people a certain independence and responsibility for their own well being. This form of medication management is gaining popularity in European countries, and is beginning to find traction in North America.

It must be remembered that some patients do not like to take responsibility for their health care – they may lack confidence in themselves and feel more reassured with high levels of contact with a doctor or nurse. Patients’ views, confidence, and comfort must be taken into account before giving patients a PT INR Machine to use at home.

Studies indicate that when patients use the test at home they have better management of their condition and medication. There appear to be fewer complications, and this could be due to more frequent testing.


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