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by Jackie Brichetti on Advanced Cardio Services
Advance Cardio Services

I have been working for ACS for a couple years now. I am very thrilled that this company exists and I am part of it. I really enjoy dealing with the reps from ACS and they always do what they say they are going to do. I receive my box within a week and I'm off to schedule my visit. Because of the great value in being a trainer, I get to meet wonderful people that are already informed of their responsibilities and they always look forward to my visits. Thank you ACS for allowing me to be part of your team.

by Dorthea Flores on Advanced Cardio Services

I have worked with ACS going on 5 years now. Through my nursing career I remember when the only way to test a INR level was to draw the patients blood. It has been a hassle for patients for years to have to go to their MD's office, pick up their lab slip, drive to a local lab, wait their turn and have their blood drawn. Not to mention the waiting to hear from the MD on their results and possible medication changes.This process becomes twice as difficult or hectic if the patient happens to be out of town visiting a loved one or on vacation.Having the ability to test their own blood from the comfort of their own home with a portable machine gives patients back precious time that before had to be spent waiting at a laboratory. I love educating my patients and being able to teach them how to test their blood with the INR kits ACS is able to supply for in home use. It truly does empower the patient and give them back freedom within their lives.The service ACS provides for their patients, takes the hassle out of INR checks. The fact that you can test your blood with a prick of the finger instead of a blood draw makes their service all the more beneficial to cardiac patients!Thank you ACS for 5 wonderful years, I am looking forward to many more!


Advanced Cardio Service provides excellent service to all clients, as well as excellent training materials to its trainers. I have worked with them for over 4 years and I am proud as a nurse to say, they truly stand behind their product and service commitment, giving freedom and safe testing to all clients.

by Jan Jones on Advanced Cardio Services

Helping through education with training process and throughout there testing is a comfort to patients. ACS is committed to excellence and positive outcomes

by Nicholas P. on Advanced Cardio Services
Excellent Service!

Many thanks to Advanced Cardio Services - excellent product and service!

Start Testing Your INR at Home
Start Testing Your INR at Home