Warfarin Tablet Identification

Warfarin Tablet Identification

  • 15 Oct 0

Warfarin and Coumadin® are two names for the same medicine. Warfarin is the generic name and Coumadin® is the brand name. The brand and generic products contain the same active ingredient and are available in the US in nine different strengths.

There are several different manufacturers of warfarin and the shape of your tablet will vary depending on who makes it.  However, the color of your tablet should be relatively consistent and the strength, or milligrams (mg), will be imprinted on the tablet.

In other words: If you use a 5mg tablet, it may be round or oval or football-shaped, but it should ALWAYS be peach and it will have the number 5 somewhere on the tablet.

This is a list of the available strengths and the corresponding colors from US manufacturers:


Examples of US warfarin tablets:


Remember to check your tablets every time you pick up a prescription from the pharmacy to be shape of your pill changes or if you have any other questions.

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