Where to find the best medical supplies online?

Where to find the best medical supplies online?

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Express Med offers thousands of items and low low prices that we found to be unmatched anywhere online. With free shipping on orders over $50, available coupon codes for additional savings, and access to all the trusted medical brands conveniently located in one convenient website. We refer all of our patients to this ever reliable company for any medical equipment that may not be covered by their insurance to help them save wherever they can. Here are just some of the things they can ship right to your home!

Right now they are offering to take 5% off of your next order over $25 with coupon code: SAVE5MED

Shop for Mobility

Mobility Aids on ExpressMed include hundreds of products that can help increase your freedom and independence despite your mobility restrictions. Their walkers, canes, and crutches increase your current mobility empowering you to get around with ease. These products provide stability for patients who are recovering from a recent surgery or an accident, or simple have decreasing strength.

Another great mobility aid is a wheelchair. Whatever your shape or size there is a wheelchair that is perfect for you. They offer chairs with reclining seats, removable leg rests, and adjustable arm rests to fit your needs.

Check out their Blog about Mobility aids to find out more!

Shop for Patient Care

At ExpressMed, they believe that the heath of caretakers and medical professionals is just as important as the patient. That is why they offer a wide-variety of the best patient care products for a competitive price.

In this category, they list hygienic supplies ranging from exam gloves and masks to hand sanitizer. These products are designed to ensure that your environment is clean and germ-free!
They also offer everything you need for enteral feeding. Feeding pumps, feeding tube liquid- they have it all!

Shop for Incontinence

Living with incontinence problems can be uncomfortable and frustrating. At ExpressMed, they want to make sure you find exactly what you need to live a more comfortable life at an affordable price.

ExpressMed has incontinence products ranging from underpads and bedpads to briefs and protective underwear. They offer a wide variety of absorbency levels and fits so you find the perfect product for your needs. 

Typically, the first line of defense against incontinence is an absorbent pad or underwear liner. These products are great for light incontinence problems and come in a small, discreet design that fits nicely inside the wearer’s normal underwear. If you are looking for something more protective, briefs, or protective underwear offer optimum coverage for increased confidence and security. Briefs are offered in pull-up styles or have adjustable side tabs. Another great way to get protection is bed or furniture pads to protect your furniture and linens.

Not all incontinence products are the same, so the decision will depend on the amount of absorption needed, whether the user is female or male, and other factors. 

Check out all the products they offer to find what works best for you! Don’t forget to enjoy their Blog: Incontinence 101!

Shop for First Aid

The First Aid category includes wound care products for professional and non-expert use. They have a variety of bandages and dressings for patients with anything from sores, pressure ulcers, and surgical wounds, to minor cuts and burns.
Every injury is different and needs specific care to heal properly. To fit everyone’s individual needs they offer supplies including adhesive removers, collagen dressings, gauze packing strips, calcium alginate dressings, dressing trays, gauze sponges, silicone gel sheeting, hydro gels, wound care bandages, charcoal dressings, transparent dressings, gauze pads, silver dressings, and many many more.

Shop for Nutrition

ExpressMed wants you to live a happy and healthy life. Part of living a healthy life is getting the proper nutrients you need. In their Nutrition category they have a variety of nutritional drinks and powders offering everything from added protein and fiber to calorie-dense formulas to get you exactly what you need.

They also offer food thickeners to make getting the supplements you need easy.

Shop for Urologicals

Urologicals on ExpressMed include all the major urinary supplies that are needed by individuals with urinary problems. One of their most popular products is the Catheter that helps patients rid urine when conditions like surgery prevent them from doing so naturally.


To find out what else they have in store visit them today at www.ExpressMed.com!

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