Why Home INR Testing is Necessary

Why Home INR Testing is Necessary

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Why Home INR Testing is Necessary

CoaguChek XS SystemINR enables you to evaluate anti-coagulation level of your blood, and this test is specifically important for Warfarin users. Prothrombin time (AKA protime or PT) is an important blood test that can be done at home and its result is known as International Normalized Ration or “INR.” Home INR testing is crucial, because too high and too low of an INR value can put your life in danger. INR can be measured in different ways including traditional ways in which you have to take the services of expert physician, or you can perform INR testing at home with the help of self-test instruments.

Motives of INR Self-Testing

INR self-testing is important for the safety of patients and it is most striking option for the patients, because they can get lots of benefits with the help of INR self-testing.

Different studies show that patients who frequently monitor their INR remain away from clotting and bleeding complications and due to normal range of INR, they can take more benefits of anticoagulant therapy.

Home INR testing is a convenient and time saving option, because there is no need to frequently visit clinics for testing. You will always feel secure because frequent testing will keep you aware about too high or too low levels of INR and you can easily take relevant medication, or can bring some changes in your diet.

Who Can Use INR Self-Testing?

If you have superior conformity with preceding anticoagulation management, then you can use INR self-testing. Manual and visual adroitness is required to perform home INR testing, and it will be good to have best support with you. Your selected INR should show reliable results, and your healthcare provider should show satisfaction with the results of self-testing.

Reliability of INR Self-Testing

You can easily rely on the results of home INR testing, because the device works by getting blood from a vein and monitor of self-testing device will show accurate and most reliable results. Different self-testing INR devices are available in the market, but your selection should be based on the recommendations of your physician. If you got anti-coagulated therapy almost 3 months ago, you can use home INR device, but it will be good to get face to face education to learn the accurate use of device. You can use INR device once a week, because excess use may prove harmful for the patient.

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